June 2023



Open source is eating the world, they say. I remember when remove.bg dropped, to a collective gasp. Give it a photo, and it automatically removes the background with no additional input or worked needed. Friggin cool. Now the website gives you “1 credit” to do that job, which you need to sign in to get. […]

sizes=auto is a great idea

The attributes of responsive <img>s are pretty intense! You need to create/serve/cache multiple versions of images, know exactly how wide they are, and then accurately put that into the srcset attribute in the HTML syntax. Hopefully, you don’t need to change that system very often if ever. I find sizes even more difficult, as it […]

Songs in my head

“Snakebite” by The Benders Twenty years old. Love the energy all around, especially the vocals. The pseudo-yelling tempered by that megaphone effect works for me. “Ripple” by Logan Ledger Obviously a Robert Hunter song turned Grateful Dead classic, but I like Logan’s take. This is about as close to religion as I get. Reach out […]

Stock & Flow

Stock and flow is an old post from Robin at snarkmarket. This was the most challenging and most fun thing about back when I was running CSS-Tricks. There was always tension between two worlds. One: feeding the day-to-day machine. Be a magazine, a newspaper, or at least an industry rag. Offer something to everyone who […]

“Not a small problem”

The Pudding digs into the rarity of hearing women on country radio. The data is clear, but it’s not random or some “well there is just fewer hits by women” excuse. It turns out it’s an edict. What does it matter? Sniping a great quote: I’m trying to picture in my head a 10-year-old girl […]

Why don’t sites go down much anymore?

Websites used to go down with more regularity than they do now. Twitter famously had the fail whale. But I mean more like “normal” websites, like this one. If Daring Fireball linked to a site and it went down, that community called it getting “Fireballed” and there was exotic solutions. If Slashdot traffic took down […]

Sacred Duty

Have you ever found one of these? It’s a leveling shim. Restaurants use them to quickly slip under table legs to keep a table from wobbling. If you find one, it is your sacred duty to keep it on your person until you come across a wobbly table.

Getting Communicated At

There have been a handful of situations lately where I’ve felt that I was getting communicated at by an organization. I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but one of them was a dentist, if you’re curious. But it could be a school, a SaaS app, a conference, book club, or a grocery […]

Practical SVG Gone Wild

The gang at A Book Apart have partnered with a “global distribution platform” such that their lineup of books has much wider distribution than it had before. There are lots of cool side effects of this, one of which is that the book now appears on huge sellers like Barnes & Noble and Bookshop.org. I […]

Google Passkeys

Just a quick note that if you’ve never tried Passkeys and you use Google stuff, you can set it up easily at: g.co/passkeys I did it a few months back, and it’s been pretty nice. Have you used a password thingy like 1Password? If you have, you know how when you log into a site, […]

margin-trim as a best practice?

It’s not every day there is a new “best practice” for CSS, since it’s such a huge, ubiquitous, and highly used language. But here’s one, maybe? If you add padding in the main flow direction of an element, adding margin-trim in that same direction. If you have both padding and margin in the same direction, […]

Reddit Protest & APIs

It’s a big day of protest at Reddit. Users are pissed at the prices that Reddit is to start charting for API usage, which has driven best-of-breed apps like Apollo to close doors. I liked Apollo, myself. I found it to be a very nice iOS app. So it’s annoying it’s going away. When I […]

Hiding The Complexity of Element Selection

CSS is the champ1 of selecting elements. There is nothing on a web page that a selector of some sort can’t get it’s hands on. But not everyone, nay, very few people, are skilled at hand-crafting CSS selectors, yet need their functionality to do things. So sometimes applications need to help people select things on […]

What Works For You

I was just talking to a guy, a fellow dad, and we talked about our families. He said he was done thinking about how his parenting and choices measure up to any perceived standards or what other people are doing. We do what works for us. There are so many little details to parenting. When […]

Modern CSS in Real Life

Hey! Chris Coyier here. This is a blog-itized version of a presentation I created. It started life as a Keynote file which I presented in person at RenderATL in June of 2023. I put a lot of work into it! I’m so grateful to everyone who came and saw it. But you can’t beat the […]

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