Media Diet

  • 📺 TV: The Big Door Prize — They had me at “same writer/producer as Schitt’s Creek” and kept me with “light-hearted small town comedy thing with light sci-fi”. Great cast.
  • 📺 TV: Succession — Normally, I hate shows where everybody is bad, and this is that, but I still love it. Just a freight train of big moments. Captivated by “this is the last season” energy right now. I am a little annoyed with shows that only drop once a week because I forget about it and wander away and sometimes forget to wander back, but no real threat of that here. Plus, ya know, I never cancel my TV subscriptions, so my actions speak louder than words.
  • 📘 Book: The Wolf. A fantasy novel (the first of three books) in which a new ruler in The North faces off against a feisty warmonger in The South. The scheming is intriguing, and the battle seasons are engaging. Kept me hooked enough I’ve started the second book.
  • 🎧 Podcast: The Coldest Case In Laramie — Like every Serial series… nothing is ever really figured out or resolved, but it’s a heck of a journey anyway. A murder in which we hear from many people close to the case and how differently they think.
  • ▶️ YouTube: I overheard a Discord conversation about how the game Superliminal is good so I tried to find it on YouTube (I don’t play video games, I watch other people play video games on YouTube). Somehow I accidently watched jacksepticeye play The Backrooms: Lost Tape instead, which was relatively interesting. I don’t love Jack’s style (his sense of humor is this crude-but-basic thing), but he does a good job of playing interesting games and putting out videos of high quality. I’ll probably try this actual video of Superliminal next.
  • 🎥 Movie at home: John Wick 1 & 2 — I saw John Wick 4 was in theaters, and it has finally browbeat me into knowing what John Wick is all about, so I started with John Wick 1 & 2. They were more fun than I thought they would be. The action scenes didn’t lose me (entirely, anyway) like they tend to, and all the criminal underworld lore stuff drew me in. Rules! Traditions! Consequences! Promises! Heirarchies! Old ladies that take phone calls on ancient analog phones to dispatch new bounties!
  • 🎥 Movie at theaters: The Super Mario Brothers — Ruby enjoyed it, I found it boring as hell and fell asleep.



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3 responses to “Media Diet”

  1. Jose Munoz says:

    LOL I had a similar exp with Mario but it was the opposite. I enjoyed it while my wife had the best nap ever.

  2. Søren says:

    Cruel to sort-of recommend such a generic book title with no further points of reference.

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