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Stacking Contexts! Get’cher Free Stacking Contexts!

In a recent Kevin Powell video (it’s the first trick of five), he talks about isolation: isolate;. The name is strange, but the point of it is that it gives you a new “stacking context” in CSS without any side effects. Stacking context, as in, a new zone for z-index values. This comes up sometimes […]

A Good Use Case for Container Queries in CSS: A Weekly Events Calendar

One hundred years ago (2018), in the dark ages before Container Queries existed, Philip Walton put together Responsive Components, a JavaScript-based technique for flopping out classes on elements at certain widths (element widths, not viewport widths) such that you could re-style them in CSS. It was a fine technique. A fairly lightweight ResizeObserver flopping out […]

Site Search & Open Search

There used to be this thing called OpenSearch that would provide some level of UX in browsers for searching individual sites. You had to bring-your-own search functionality, this was just getting users to it. I say “used to be” a thing because it seems like it’s been neutered out of being useful anymore. The way […]

“the secret list of websites”

The Washington Post does research to figure out which websites were used to train Google’s AI model: To look inside this black box, we analyzed Google’s C4 data set, a massive snapshot of the contents of 15 million websites that have been used to instruct some high-profile English-language AIs, called large language models, including Google’s T5 […]

Almost Maximize

Y’all use Raycast? I do, but I’m a little itty bitty baby user. Like I just have it replace Spotlight because it seems to work equally well as Spotlight for finding files and applications. But then has a few bonus features here and there. I use the commands to move windows around once in a […]

🎮 Switch

I just got a Nintendo Switch. It was released in 2017, so I’m a little behind the curve. My thinking was that Ruby, my five-year-old, is just about ready to be able to play games with controllers. I’ve tried before with Alba: A Wildlife Adventure on AppleTV using a controller, and we both loved it, […]

Expanding Grid Cards with View Transitions

A friend showed me something of a design spec they were charged with pulling off: The requirements: … when I click on any of them it expands at the top to full width and the rest of the cards re-arrange themselves below it. Like anything web design & development, there are a boatload of ways […]

What’s a Basic Use Case for Cascade Layers in CSS?

Say you pull in Bootstrap (or any other grab-and-go CSS library) something like: Now you use it to style a card or something… But you don’t like the amount of margin on .card-title. Now what? Options: I’m not a big fan of any of those approaches. They all come with at best little mental overhead […]

Emoji Lists, The Good Way?

I read some accessibility advice recently: don’t make lists where the bullet for each item is an emoji. I think they were saying it is just… annoying. I generally find it annoying visually, so I imagine it’s more so when you have to wait for emojis to be described. Here’s a screenshot of what I […]

Family Trip to Hawai’i

We’ve just returned from our spring break trip this year. Sppprrinnnng breaaaaakkkk. We joined another of the same families from our fateful spring break trip last year, so Ruby our 5-year-old was joined by her buddies Monroe (5) and Zoey (4). Any other day, I would have felt extremely self-conscious and a bit silly pronouncing […]

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