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Nicholas C. Zakas talked about delegation in a newsletter a while back. I remember my first experience with delegating was making the choice to hire people in the early CSS-Tricks years. I wanted to do it because entirely because of time. There was just too much to do and if I could delegate stuff, I […]


I enjoyed this podcast with Susan Rogers who’s new book This is What it Sounds Like digs into why we like the songs we like. Susan unpacks the seven dimensions of music and how they show up along a varying spectrum in every song. She explains how everyone has an individualized taste for the configuration […]

I Wish TMUX Looked Good

I kinda like tmux. A terminal multiplexer. Hell yeah. What it does, anyway. Less so how it looks or works. 😬 Toss a little tmuxinator on there and now the config is a tolerable incantation of yaml. (Or, probably, some shell script that sets things up and then calls that command.) Away we go! The […]

Yeah that Apple Podcasts thing was a weird detour. It’s Overcast time.

I got disenchanted with Pocket Casts last month after the incessant crashing in Car Play. And I figured, gosh, Apple Podcasts is still a super dominant app for listening to podcasts, maybe I should just switch to that. I’ve always been attracted to that idea of “running a stock machine” that is to say not […]

Doing Computer

When it’s hot and sunny outside, I can do computers inside in the nice air conditioning. When it’s cold and wet outside, I can do computers inside with the lovely warm heat on. When I’m sad, I can do computers and find something to cheer me up. When I broke both my elbows, my wrists […]

Why aren’t logical properties taking over everything?

They are just better than their non-logical counterparts. Because: So since they are better and support is green across the board, why aren’t they taking over all usage? I don’t know that I have any killer advice here. I know that my own brain has done OK in flipping modes and making me think in […]


I’ve been calling it sem-EYE-glue-tide in my head for the last 5 weeks, but I heard it on a recent podcast it’s pronounced more like it’s spelled: seh-MAH-glue-tide. Much smoother. Anyway: 258. Down from 270 the day I started Ozempic. A decent 2lb-per-week slide down. Feels sustainable. 250 is a good goal for me. I’d […]

Stretchy Numbers Apple Watch Face via Variable Fonts

I just noticed this morning my Apple Watch has a slick face where thinking with the knob makes the numbers on the clock face stretch wide and narrow, to rather extreme degrees: That’s the San Francisco font surely, which I recently discovered was a variable font as-installed on macOS. That gave me a little inspo […]

Zebra Stripe Lines of Text Even When They Wrap

The trick is essentially the same as the gradient text trick. Make the letters act as the mask, and set the background to a gradient. It’s just this time, the gradient will be solid alternating colors. The trick is the lh units. New! Line-height units! Cool! Just Chrome so far, so best to wrap this […]

A little CSS helper app from Henri Parviainen. So you can quickly design up some beefy ass scrollbars like Tim Burners Lee probably intended. I prodded Henri to add the standardized scrollbar-color in addition to the more fancy -webkit- ones as well as use the custom properties. I imagine, one fateful day, the standardized properties […]

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