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Another Way to Think About The Spectrum of Testing from Alex Riviere

I tried to disambiguate Integration Testing from End-to-End Testing the other day. It was helpful for my own brain to finally have a way to bring a meaningful difference between these two things. I wrote: Unit and end-to-end tests are the extremes on two sides of a spectrum. On the left, unit tests, little itty bitty […]

Motivation and Kickstarter

It was over 10 years ago now that I did my first and only Kickstarter campaign. The point of it was to shoot a series of screencasts on rebuilding/redesigning CSS-Tricks itself, a WordPress site, and giving the backers access to those videos. Meta, as even building those access controls was part of the series. I […]

Watch Out for Low Resolution Writing

From Karl Sutt’s post How to communicate effectively as a developer, two images: The images on the left are what Karl calls “low resolution” writing, while the right is “high resolution.” Pretty obvious when you look at it here, but high resolution essentially means more specific, detailed, and includes necessary calls to action. It’s extremely […]

How to Play Celebrity

I learned the game “Celebrity” ages ago at a conference afterparty. I always struggle to remember how it works, but I often think about it when the opportunity to play a game with a group of people arises because it’s fun and can be played easily with minimal equipment. I’m going to write down how […]

Infinite Canvas

A Discord friend shared this link the other day: The infinite canvas is the foundation of a new class of apps from design tools, to code editors, and workspaces. So like Figma. You essentially have unlimited space in all four 2D directions to create things and drag them around. That is as-opposed to apps […]

Bring Back Blogging

Ash Huang & Ryan Putnam on a microsite: For the month of January, we’ll make a pact to blog a few times to get into the habit, and create a directory of all the creators who participate. Readers can then find new makers to follow before we all scatter to the winds. Win-win! I’m all […]

Writing, the Cornerstone of Amplification

The only way for us to move forward is to encourage and amplify the work of people who are willing to learn, to see and to commit to making things better. It turns out that reading and writing are the cornerstones of this practice, now more than ever. These are the two skills most likely […]

Independent Type Foundry Advent Calendar

Matthias Ott has been linking up Type Foundries all month. Pretty rad idea! I’m just an absolute sucker for buying type sometimes, especially right now as I’ve happily moved to Typeface 3 and I enjoy using it. Plus, I’ve been slowly evolving this sites design and it’s a very different site than where it started, […]

AI-driven brand collaboration engine

Ya know, like: I was hoping to make my dream come true with Advil & Legacy, alas, neither is available, so I had to request Colgate & The North Face (published and not that interesting, oh well). Don’t read too much into “engine”, I think dude is probably just using Stable Diffusion or DALL•E and […]

Tango Browser Extension

I was reading Hafsah Lakhany Ismail’s Our favorite Chrome extensions of 2022 post the other day and made it a point to try the ones that looked interesting to me. There are some good ones in there! One standout to me was Tango. They say: Create how-to guides, in seconds. They aren’t wrong! You literally […]

“an unending stream of disconnected posts”

A quote from Luke Harris I’m sniping from Rach: I’m on Mastodon, but I’m bored of what I call “the timeline era”. Scanning an unending stream of disconnected posts for topics of interest is no longer fun, I prefer deciding what to read based on titles, or topic-based discussion. I keep thinking about that. I […]

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