The Nightmare Before Christmas Before The Nightmare Before Christmas

The movie goes:

  1. Some man who has had some success running other things has a twinkle in his eye to run another thing.
  2. He takes it over on a whim with some seriously questionable tactics.
  3. Smart people that he should really listen to tell him it’s a bad idea but he completely ignores it and alienates them.
  4. He does a terrible job running the new thing and hurts people in the process.
  5. In the end he’s like “oh wait that was a dumb idea”, credits nobody else for being right, and is welcomed warmly back because he’s a powerful man.

Sounds familiar I dunno.

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas handing a young boy a present. Elon Musk's face is overlaid onto Jack's face.



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One response to “The Nightmare Before Christmas Before The Nightmare Before Christmas”

  1. Aaron says:

    Except he won’t realize it was a dumb idea and quit. He will…
    A. Keep working until it is a good idea
    B. Die

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