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Lil’ Thought Blasters About Mastodon

I’m stoked about this time around. I haven’t been as excited in the past mostly because I was turned off by how much quieter it was than Twitter (read: it didn’t fuel the addiction well enough). This time around, it’s still quieter, but I’m more ready for the quiet. And it’s not too quiet. I’d […]

It’s Official 💨

Pleased that FART (Flash of inAccurate coloR Theme, lol) has become: … officially a term of art in computer science. Because it’s a part of Chrome Platform Status as a feature of Client Hints. Indeed, prefers-color-scheme is a perfect thing for Client Hints. … it is a best practice to not load CSS for the […]

Speaking of folk interfaces

I was at a charity dinner with an auction tonight. Clearly they couldn’t figure out how to put instructions into the system anywhere anybody could find. So they made “items” in the CMS and made them $1. I’m pleased to have won the “how to register” item for $3.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Before The Nightmare Before Christmas

The movie goes: Some man who has had some success running other things has a twinkle in his eye to run another thing. He takes it over on a whim with some seriously questionable tactics. Smart people that he should really listen to tell him it’s a bad idea but he completely ignores it and […]

The Difference Between Integration Testing and End-to-End Testing

I don’t think there is any doubt that this is a unit test: You have a function, and you’re testing that the function returns what you think it should return. A code base probably has lots of this as they are easy to write, useful, and not flakey. I also don’t think there is any […]

Nobody Gets Hurt Doing Their One-Rep Maxes*

Says my physical therapist. I hurt my back most recently doing back squats. 135lbs on the bar. That’s nothing for my big elephant legs. It was my third rep of what was going to be 60 reps over 15 minutes as part of an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workout involving box step-ups as […]

Two Quick Things I learned about JSON in Go

One. You don’t have to json.Unmarshal into an empty struct. I learned with examples like this: There, post is totally defaults, meaning because favorite_count was missing in the JSON data, post.FavoriteCount defaults to 0, the Go default value for an int. But it doesn’t have to start that way! You can Unmarshal it into a […]

Dan’s Book: Twenty Bits I Learned About Making Websites

I got a copy of Dan’s latest book! So many endearing, funny, and relatable bits. From Chapter 4: As soon as I typed the HTML for my first hyperlink, the power of it hit me. This is the DNA of the web, the fabric that connects all of the bits and pieces all over the […]

Icon Set Nostolgia

I think Daniel Bruce’s Entypo was the first icon set designed for the web that I fawned over. Maybe it was how it had a cool name, almost like it was a startup product. And the website design around it was awesome. The 2012 design was pretty fresh, especially for that time: Then a 2014 […]

A Brief and Probably Only Partially Correct History of CSS Nesting

2006: Sass was invented. Has nesting. All subsequent CSS processors have nesting (Less: 2009; Stylus: 2010). 2011: Tab says Chrome engineers already dabbling with CSS nesting. 2011: (Lost to time?) First Editor’s Draft appears actually called “CSS hierarchies”. Lennart Schoors has a blog post mentioning it and says it was in conjunction with Shane Stephens […]

Local By Flywheel has Fancy Headless WordPress Scaffolding

Local By Flywheel makes running a local WordPress site trivially easy. I just got a marketing email from them saying that there is a plugin for Atlas now, which is their parent company WP Engine’s product for running “Headless” WordPress. Headless, meaning the front-end of the site isn’t HTML produced from PHP directly, it’s some […]

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