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Carista OBD2 + Tundra 2022

You should wear your seatbelt. I should wear my seatbelt. No argument there, but my new Tundra has the most annoying seatbelt alarm I’ve ever experienced. It’s loud and it literally never stops. There are, sometimes, legit reasons to silence an alarm like that, like putting groceries on the passenger seat. I think I should […]

Tundra 2020 ➡️ Tundra 2022

I had a three-year lease on a Toyota Tundra and had the 2020 model. It came due and I had to make a decision on what to do next. Maybe Rivian? I only like the R1S and it’s not shipping until late 2023. Also worry about repairs and such in our fairly remote town. Probably […]

So is React good or not or what.

Papa bear’s porridge: The self-fulfilling prophecy of React. React isn’t great at anything except being popular. Mama bear’s porridge: Get in Zoomer, We’re Saving React Most next-gen React spin-offs strike me as universally regressive, not progressive. Baby bear? It’s a trick: both of them kinda argue both sides. Josh argues that it’s not that React is awful, it’s […]

For love or money

Almost anything in life, you could always have a little better. Your car could be fancier, your sheets could be softer, your boat could be longer, your TV could be brighter, and your whiskey could be older. But there are some things where an upgrade just isn’t possible. If you’re drinking a Coke (let’s call […]


It was at WWDC22 that Apple talked about adding support for passkeys. They seem like a Very Big Deal because they literally replace passwords for login and are better in every way. And crucially, it’s not some Apple-only thing, but an open standard (FIDO). I only bring up Apple first because I’m an Apple kinda […]

Breakpoint, the term.

Ethan was digging around trying to find the origin of the term breakpoint as it relates to media queries in web design. It’s such a classic term now, it’s weird the term never appeared in Ethan’s first article or talk on the subject of Responsive Web Design. I showed the article to Miranda, who was […]

Comfort Work

Austin Kleon: Comfort work is work that I do when I don’t know what else to do. I know I need to work, but I don’t know what I should be working on, or I can’t work on the thing I should be working on because I’m too tired or depressed or otherwise unmotivated. Comfort […]

Dining Room Table from CRAFTD

Miranda had it custom-made by a local fella named Tristan who runs a nice woodshop here in Bend. His video as he completed it:


Websites tend to fall apart over time. Which is weird, because as Dave put it in a recent ShopTalk Show… “they are saved to disk as 1’s and 0’s”. One way they fall apart is going offline, which happens to dare I say most websites. The design of this very website has a “random” button […]

The Shared Element Transition API is FLIPping Cool

I’ve been eyeing up the The Shared Element Transition API 👀 because it looks tremendously cool. With it, you can animate individual elements across different pages even when the browser does an entirely fresh page load. Sweet. I suppose I should say “MPA” (Multi-Page App), but ughgkh it feels weird to give such a fancy […]

My Ideal Electric Bike

I have a Specialized Vado right now and I love it! I’ve ridden it for three seasons and I’ll probably hang onto it for quite a while. It’s essentially like this: A handful of things I like about it: It’s just like… a normal bike. It’s only pedal assist, no throttle, so it’s still a […]

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