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I had no idea what we were in for on Monday night when Miranda and I (and friends) went to see Odesza. I just had never listened to them before. All I knew was one of the dude’s name is BeachesBeaches and I think that’s funny. I had heard the opening band, Sylvan Esso, before. […]

Notes Are for More than Remembering

Jorge Arango: … notes can also play another essential function: to help you understand and develop ideas by interacting with them. 65% = Chance I share any given page of notes with other people 15% = Chance they actually find it useful 25% = Chance I find it useful later myself 100% = Chance it […]

Critical CSS? Not So Fast!

I appreciate all the research and appropriate nuance Harry brings in Critical CSS? Not So Fast! Not a fan of any performance testing tool that dings the score of a site for not having it implemented. It’s just not a cut-and-dry thing like, say, optimizing an image. Here’s the rub from Harry. Only bother if: […]

A high-pitched whining noise.

That’s what our new Tesla sounds like. They finally… gave in, I’d call it… and gave us our Tesla last Friday. It’s been delay after delay. The actual problem as it turns out is that it emits a tone, to put it mildly. I didn’t notice it at first in the car lot with the […]

Let an Edge Function do it.

Four years ago Phil acted on a silly idea to deploy a Netlify site every single minute such that an entirely static site could do something as notably dynamic as displaying the current time. There is literally no JavaScript on that site. It mostly worked. Aside from a failed deploy for random reasons here and […]


I’ve attempted to wear an Apple Watch a few times in the past. Never took. I’m trying it again with the Ultra. So far (4 days), I think it’s so cool. The watch face I’m showing here is my favorite. It’s got a full-color version but the all-red is just a great look. It’s got […]

In-App Browser Tracking & Meta

There is this buckwild insane thing that when you visit any URL on the internet whatsoever with the in-app browser built into Instagram (and several other apps), it injects JavaScript onto the page, the point of which is extreme tracking of what you are doing. Set my Instagram profile URL to to test out […]


Oh nice! Daybreak is a cooperative boardgame about stopping climate change. It is an unapologetically hopeful vision of the near future, where you and your friends get to build the mind-blowing technologies and resilient societies we need to save the planet. Kinda the opposite of Dave’s recent wonderful short story. Gotta imagine Daybreak is going […]

My Talk from CascadiaJS 2022

It’s my “The Web is Good Now” talk that I updated significantly and smooshed into a 25-minute slot. That was my first post-pandemic talk and it felt good to be back. Now I’ve got to expand it back to 45-50 minutes again for an upcoming conference. So it’ll be totally freshened up again.

It’s not going to be one big metaverse, so how is this going to work?

The word metaverse gets thrown around a lot lately, hasn’t it? I suspect everybody has something a little different in mind when they think about it. Since a lot of the news is around Meta/Facebook, I would guess people think “Facebook, but VR”. Meaning there is one monolithic thing, you strap that shit on your […]

Past Tense JavaScript Libraries

Because the best Twitter is getting stupid with jokes. I started. These ones get 🏆 gold trophies from me. If your reaction is “that’s not really past tense!!” then, well, you would suck at apples to apples. Aching backbone @hardfire Tenty @toheebdotcom eslent @markpalfreeman The Great Gatsby @robdimarzo jQuert @0xOlias — tie with jQuore Handledbars […]

The Tesla Experience, So Far

(Short story: we don’t even have it yet and it’s annoying.) We ordered a Tesla X back in June sometime. Miranda was visiting her parents in LA (who lived there at the time) and went to a dealership to test drive one. She ordered it right from there. We did everything we needed to do. […]

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