It can look pretty but it stinks and sucks to breathe.

It was the first real day of smoke here in Bend yesterday. Mercifully, a bit late in the summer compared to previous years. But it’s still here. Just a fact of life now. The west burns in huge swathes every year and we deal with the carnage and poor air quality. Climate change in real-time. I put in a new air filter for the house last night just in time, good thing we have a huge box of them we ordered during the offseason because we knew this was coming.

I put the Breathable app back on my phone so I can use the widget.

examples of the Breathable widget. Circle of colors (green is good, red is bad) and the current status.

It involves signing up for one or two public data services to get an API key to work, both of which I’m glad exist but have awfully janky UI. My APIs keys from last year expired but I was able to re-create both.

AirNow is one of them and it’s also got an interactive map where we can see the fire locations and where the smoke is going:

map interface showing the Deschutes area. Green dots showing good air and fire icons showing active fires).

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