Bullet Train

Miranda and I went to see Bullet Train the other night. We were both in rather uncharacteristically bad moods, especially for a date night without the kid. This movie really turned things around.

I watched the preview and thought it would be a rather soulless/boring action-for-actions-sake romp. But it wasn’t! It was frickin’ good! Funny, intense, interesting, and clever. Under less skilled hands, it could have turned out a mess, as there was a lot going on. Tough to pull off a complex plot, with twists, with flashbacks, with heavy stylizatiion, with jokes, with heart. It may have had a plot hole or three, but it really came together well. Most importantly, it cheered us up.

One of my favorite parts is when we meet The White Death and it’s Michael Shannon (not a spoiler, as he’s credited with that role). I remember watching Take Shelter and being rather captivated by him in that. Now he’s a darn star with stuff like The Shape of Water and all that. Should have known he was gonna be a star with Groundhog Day being his first role.



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