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KEF LEX II are a pair of bookshelf-sized speakers that I recently bought. Spendy! But nice. I’ll get to them, but I’m long winded so I gotta do a bunch of blogwords first to set the scene. I moved to the Mac Studio not long ago. I love it. It’s a great machine. Feels very […]

Can’t click on tmux panes in iTerm?

We use tmux at CodePen. It’s essentially so we can all run a single terminal command and it’ll run all the scripts and whathaveyou to fire up our dev environment. Then we have a UI for all the different services and whatnot we run. We can and do update it regularly to help us do […]

How to Build a Grayscale Color Palette

If you wanted to be 100% mathematical and consistently even about crafting a grayscale color palette, you could create the colors in a math-friendly color function like HSL, like so: Here’s an example of using those colors as backgrounds: If you wanted to DRY that up in SCSS, you could do something like: In actuality, […]

Moving on with Font Management

I recently saw Editorial New by Pangram Pangram. It’s got some freebie downloads, which I’m a sucker for. If I end up using it for something, I’ll be back for the rest. The system works. Normally I’d download what I can and file them away in my FontExplorer X software. But alas, I can’t invest […]

CascadiaJS 2022

CascadiaJS (August 30th – September 2nd, Sunriver, Oregon) is open to everyone from anywhere, and I’ll be speaking at it this year. Come one come all. I figured I’d blog it (in addition to it being on my speaking page) in particular because I’d hate it if any of my fellow Bendites or anybody generally […]

CampanaCeramics on Etsy

Jeff took a 6-year hiatus on Etsy, and now is back with a new line of work: All work here is designed by me on the computer, 3d printed, then I make a mold of that, and cast from my own recipe porcelain and glaze. I remember telling him when I first saw the work […]

Pizza Pit

Pizza Pit was the pizza of my youth. Fresh, Fast, and Hot Delivery, yo. They were pulling up to my childhood home on the weekly. My folks got pepperoni and onion, which always annoyed me because the onions were weird soggy squiggles and I hated them. I even like onions now as an “adult” and […]


The ol’ anniversary today. Technically we went to the courthouse a few days before July 22nd to be legally married, but July 22nd is when we had the big wedding party so it feels more like our real anniversary. It’s the “wood” anniversary, traditionally. We both got each other cool hand-crafted wooden boxes, without any […]

Easy Asset Cache Busting with Buddy

I’m quite chuffed with this! I’ve been solving this in different ways for a heck of a lot of years, in situations where asset cache busting isn’t part of whatever site building situation I’m in provides so I need to do it myself. But it always requires a little more technology than I would like, […]

The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox

As a proprietor of CodePen, I’ve seen, definitely, thousands of customized checkboxes, some classy and modern, some classy from trends gone by, some fun, some (whimsically) frustrating, and some clever twists. So I was a bit skeptical of Andy Allen’s headline. But I’ve heard nothing but good things about the (Not Boring) Apps, and I […]

Hierarchical Custom Post Types in WordPress

You need to set both of these things to make it work correctly: Now when you are on the Create/Edit screen for the new Post Type, you’ll see the Page Attributes area that allows you to select the Parent you’d like.


Lovely weather this weekend. Took Miranda’s Chevy Tahoe over to the car wash for cleaning. Ruby and I toweled off the wet bits after the wash. After we were done, I went to start the car, click-click-click-click. Light internet research suggested the battery was dead. Miranda was able to drive over with the jumper cables […]

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