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Web Push on Safari

I think it’s pretty notable Safari is doing Web Push this across all the platforms. That’s one of the big reasons a company might go for a native app instead of a web app, despite the heap of advantages of a web app. Like… URLs, to name a little one. I remember when Maximiliano Firtman […]

ShopTalk’s CMS Theorem

From this spot in this show: The more actively used the CMS, the more likely it has a blank template. See, the line goes up. Eventually, every hard-working CMS needs a “blank” template. Until! It’s either so big that it starts purging anything too special or stevebob invents an in-house CMS that is so bad […]

Putting the No in Noom

I used Noom years ago as attempt #23098 at losing weight. Didn’t click for me. I really despise having little tasks that I gotta do, like log food. I know food logs are super effective. It’s even worked for me a few times in the past, but I still hate it. There were 2-3 other […]

Cracking the Cryptic

These fellas have a good thing going. Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe essentially solve puzzles, mostly Sudoku, for our entertainment. The YouTube Channel has nearly half a million subscribers, but the videos routinely go a bit viral as you can see from videos somewhat regularly getting many more likes than they have subscribers. Everybody knows […]

Pick One

I love that my local gas station has one of those Bitcoin vending machine things. You put money in and it puts Bitcoin in your “wallet” (you scan a QR code to the wallet), and, of course, slurps up a fee to do it. I love it because this gas station, like most gas stations, […]

Assume Unchanged

Situation: Cut git branch While I’m on this branch, I need to change a few lines in config-blah-blah.yaml for a very particular reason. Say, a change in database credentials to connect to a database specific to testing the changes on this branch. Changes to that config file are very temporary and should not go back […]

Things Papyrus is Used For

Greek Restaurants Italian Restaurants Really any kinda European restaurant Really anything European at all really Weddings Funerals Really any kind of life event thing with printed accompaniment Really anything that people print at all really C Movie Titles B Movie Titles A Movie Titles Just movies really

Full Site Takeovers

Remember when IMDb would do stuff like this? Part of me thinks that was pretty cool, actually. It’s a movie website and the ad was for a new movie. It was just an image, not 2 MB of JavaScript trying to learn every fact about you it can. It didn’t get in the way of […]

Unknown Types in Go are the Worst

Say you have some data and it’s either an int or a string (of an int). Well, that sucks. Go is a typed language and this bit of data really should be properly an int. But, ya know, the world is a mess sometimes. Perhaps you have a giant database of JSON data put in […]

“Trying to generalize across many problems is a fraught endeavor”

Adam Gordon Bell describes a situation in which a programming team has a tricky problem to solve. They ultimately solve it, but it attracts internal attention and a senior technical lead is sent in to ensure it doesn’t happen again. They propose a fix of creating a shared system that everyone will migrate to, so […]


It’s so weird to know people that are looking for jobs for ages, never finding a good fit. And also know people that are trying to hire and just cannot seem to find anyone good for the role. That’s why anecdotal data is no good. These are just stories, not a real picture of what […]

Take that

Picked up one of these babies. Iā€™m gonna keep it in my car. If some kid messes with Ruby at a playground Iā€™m gonna slip it in their backpack.

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