ShopTalk’s CMS Theorem

From this spot in this show:

The more actively used the CMS, the more likely it has a blank template.

10 pages = 15% chance
100 pages = 25% chance
1000 pages = 50% chance
10000 pages = 75% chance
25000 pages = 80% chance
50000 pages  = 70% chance
100000 pages = 15% chance

See, the line goes up. Eventually, every hard-working CMS needs a “blank” template. Until! It’s either so big that it starts purging anything too special or stevebob invents an in-house CMS that is so bad it didn’t even consider one-offs but the COO likes how it saves money (it doesn’t).

This is just a joke with 100% fake data, for the record. But it’s also probably true.

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