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The Story of React

This is a nicely done look at “the post jQuery era”. That’s Tyler McGinnis, right? You know how I was just remembering that time I was I did a music video? That was March 29th, 2022 when I posted that. This video was posted on January 21st, 2022, two months prior, and yet at 21 […]

The Delta

Ooooo new super cool-looking cards for the Delta American Express cards. I like those big bold separator lines. I’ve been rocking this combo for a long time. I just like watching our miles accumulate, even though we never use them. We obviously don’t fly that much these days, so we’ll get our miles at the […]

There is no bar

There is no bar for the quality of a blog post. Allow me to be an example. See… every blog post on this entire site. I’d like to write better individual blog posts, but something has always compelled me to punt out a thought early rather than wait until I have some perfect way to […]

The Medium Informs the Message

Jim talking about Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death: … the form of any communication shapes its content. For example: you can’t use smoke signals to communicate philosophically. In today’s world, we have media forms that are well suited to fragmented conversation. > Cultures without speed-of-light media… do not have news of the day. Without a […]

The Platform Rant

Steve Yegge had (what he called) his Jerry Maguire moment when he published his “Google Platforms Rant”. It was originally published on Google Plus, which is long dead, and ironically what Steve was ranting about without specifically naming it. I’ll have to link to it via what I think has become the canonical Gist, somehow. […]

A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs

What an ambitious project! It would surprise me if Andrew Hickey didn’t get a TV deal out of this work… unless maybe he just doesn’t want one because this is cool and successful enough on its own? I took Seth Godin’s advice and started with a song I know and love. It’s a 2-hour masterclass! […]

“tampering with the public record”

This was a pretty good call-out on Twitter for changing out Embedded Tweets work from Kevin Marks. Twitter has always provided semantic HTML for Embedded Tweets, in the form of a <blockquote>, then a <script> to enhance it up into a fancy embed. It exhibited an interesting (and good) behavior: if the Tweet no longer […]

No Fiddle Bluegrass

I love the fiddle. I bought one this year to see if I could battle my way up to having it be a fun side instrument (I have failed so far). In the old-time music I normally play, fiddles are darn near required. It’s essentially fiddle music with accompaniment. You could argue the clawhammer banjo […]

Fast Booze

First I missed this incredible creation: Then I missed this damn masterpiece: What do I gotta do around here for a Mcdonald’s Lager or a Chipotle Mesquite Tequila? Oh well, at least I have a Gweneth Paltrow vagina candle, which is basically my retirement plan.

A Different 10%

Interesting observation about software and features: Every few months in the early 2000s, a startup would appear, promising a new office software package that’s “just the 10% of Microsoft Office that people actually use.” All of these products failed (for various reasons), but they all failed in part because their development and marketing teams failed […]

Web Design with a Marker

My kid Ruby (4) isn’t exactly a musician. She can’t really play an instrument. So when she wants to make music, sometimes she’ll hit a turned-over pot with a wooden spoon and shout words. But I suppose that kind of makes her… a musician? Who’s to say? What makes a web designer? If you put […]

Expanded San Francisco Typeface

I enjoyed seeing the WWDC video of the upcoming expansion of San Francisco, Apple’s everywhere typeface. It’s coming in some different widths now: They all have the same height, which is a neat feature: So with all that plus the rounded, plus the mono, plus sprinkling in the serif’d New York face, there are a […]

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