Apple: All I Want To Do is Give You $29

Hey Apple!

Following up here on my little saga that started here.

Here’s the phone, you’ve mailed it back to me:

I don’t want this phone. This is my old phone. I use the iPhone Upgrade Program that you offer explicitly because I think it’s cool I get to mail my phone back to you each year and get the new model. It’s a great system when it works.

You mailed me this back because I “failed to pay” the $29 owed for the back of the phone having a crack. Totally fair! I want to pay you! Please take my $29! It’s like that movie Payback where Mel Gibson really wants his $70,000 back, except in reverse, and it’s only $29.

Why can’t I pay? Because your website wouldn’t let me. I tried a million times. I’ve called you and was told it was taken care of. I don’t know what else to do here. It feels extremely uncool that this system is so broken that I’m forced into having two loans for two phones.