November 2021



I remember a conversation with a dude, maybe 10-15 years older than me, who’s epitome of cool was Van Halen. Like Jump Van Halen. It didn’t land with me. I think I’m just a bit young to idolize hair bands. I’m sure Eddie can shred or whatever, but to me coolness is synonymous with envy. […]

The Team at the Pioneer Place Apple Store Got Me Squared Away

Perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been a little annoyed at Apple’s customer support. I had this situation that I felt like I could explain pretty easily (I’m trading in an iPhone as part of the iPhone Upgrade Program, it has damage I need to pay for, the website will not take the payment) but nobody over […]

Apple: All I Want To Do is Give You $29

Hey Apple! Following up here on my little saga that started here. Here’s the phone, you’ve mailed it back to me: I don’t want this phone. This is my old phone. I use the iPhone Upgrade Program that you offer explicitly because I think it’s cool I get to mail my phone back to you […]

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