“Their understanding of their own economic power is amazing.”

Callia Hargrove in Dan Frommer’s The New Consumer:

From my work at Teen Vogue — that job really opened my eyes to what the future can look like, and that people that are younger demand these things. 

It’s not like my parents’ generation where it was like, “It’d be nice if they would feature people that look like us, but, uh, you know, we’re not expecting it.” 

People that are younger, they demand that. Their understanding of their own economic power is amazing.

I’ve seen brands in the past week just lose so much business because people are like, “Guys, we’re not shopping with them.” It’s all on social media — people collectively coming together. “We’re not giving our money to this business. Let’s move over to this other brand that we’re going to tag in the comments of this brand that kind of messed up.”

I love it when people use their power as consumers for change.