June 2020


The Banjo is an African Instrument

Highly educational Instagram post right here from Gahmya Drummond-Bey, that my wife shared with me: View this post on Instagram It's time for a history lesson. True inclusion also requires relearning our history. 💛💛💛 What's your favorite country song? #countrymusic #blacklivesmatter #teachersfollowteachers #blm #diversity #inclusion #allyship #ally #evolvedteacher #blackhistory #sharethemicnow #historylesson #banjo #lilnasx #debunked #nojusticenopeace✊🏾 […]


Semilattice is a concept. A block is the basic element. Blocks attach to each other and form a list. A card consists of multiple lists of blocks and hand drawings. A card could have multiple parents and children. Locations are represented in familiar nested structure, but become relational and flexible. A designated space is within […]

Why Figma Wins

Kevin Kwok: Building for everyone in the design process and not just designers is also the foundation of Figma’s core loop, which drives their growth and compounding scale. That network effect is made possible by Figma’s key early choices like:  • Architecting Figma to be truly browser-first, instead of just having storage be in the cloud • […]

“Their understanding of their own economic power is amazing.”

Callia Hargrove in Dan Frommer’s The New Consumer: From my work at Teen Vogue — that job really opened my eyes to what the future can look like, and that people that are younger demand these things.  It’s not like my parents’ generation where it was like, “It’d be nice if they would feature people […]

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