January 2020


Call to Action

Just a reminder that you can do all the sales hustle you want, but if you don’t put a phone number on your notecard call to action on your website you probably won’t make many sales.

The Hulk Summary

This is great writing advice from… I guess it’s both Knut Melvær & Even Westvang as they are both listed as authors on the post. … channel your inner Hulk voice … and use it to describe whatever you need to get writing on. Hammer down that shift key (caps lock is a cop-out) and […]

Gambler 500

This event is so cool. You buy or fix up an old car (spending ~$500, but literally nobody checks or cares). “Impractical” vehicles are kind of the vibe. Look at a Google image search for the cars. There is a “rally” where you make your way to some central location (which I think is something […]

List of Actually Good Kids Shows

We put on Gravity Falls the other day from Disney+ (Miranda said she heard it was good). It was good. Ruby even seemed to like it (she’s just 2). I mentioned it on Twitter, remarking I wished more kids shows were this good (there is so much bad) and I got a pile of recommendations. […]

Country, Bluegrass, and Flour

I always thought it was a fun thing that Flatt and Scruggs were sponsored (for decades) by Martha White flour. I’ve always wanted to be sponsored by a barbeque sauce, me. They wrote and performed a little ditty as part of that sponsorship. I’d love to see the contract they signed, just to see what […]

Bend Old-Time Jam

I’m just going to link up the website to our jam here. There’s an “old” website, so I’m linking to the “new” website here for the smidge of SEO juice it might need to make sure it’s the top result. When I moved to Bend, the fact that there was a website for this jam […]

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