September 2018


No Spoons

I remember the first couple of bluegrass festivals I went to. I didn’t miss a note from the bands on stage. I love bluegrass. I love these bands! This is why I’m here I don’t want to miss anything. I kept going to festivals because it was heaps of fun, but I became less glued […]

The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering

A great look into the origins and rise to popularity of Magic. Including, to no one’s surprise, shitty actors in the community and the struggle to deal with them. I had a pretty hardcore Magic phase in high school. I still have boxes and boxes of cards, now quite useless as the format is quite […]

Further Down the Line

I was at Zigzag Old Time Music Campout this past weekend. I met this fella Scott who was taking a banjo workshop with the rest of us banjo players and plucking around on his new banjo he picked up on a whim and put nylon strings on. Later, he performed at the open mic, and […]

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