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‪For my birthday I…‬

Had coffee from Backporch

Worked on moving the last stuff out of and cleaning up our old house

Got an Ocean Roll from @sparrowbakery for breakfast

Did some unpacking at the new house

Went for a hike with Ruby, Miranda, and Jack from Tumalo Falls to Double Falls. We used the hiking baby backpack (that we picked up used yesterday) for the second time (yesterday we did the river trail)

Ate a weedgummy and took a load of moving junk to the dump

Went for dinner at Parilla – which was excellent the first time I went there and not very good time time

Blew out the candles Miranda put into the cheesecake my dad sent me; made wish

Watched Avatar because it was downloaded on my computer and we don’t have internet at the new house yet. Hooked up to TV via dongle and HDMI cable

Got ready for early start tomorrow at new gym and going back to the office. It’s Cassidy’s first day at CodePen tomorrow