August 2018


‪For my birthday I…‬

Had coffee from Backporch Worked on moving the last stuff out of and cleaning up our old house Got an Ocean Roll from @sparrowbakery for breakfast Did some unpacking at the new house Went for a hike with Ruby, Miranda, and Jack from Tumalo Falls to Double Falls. We used the hiking baby backpack (that […]

Simply Banh Mi

What is your wife’s cousin’s husband called? Anyway, that’s John Tran to me, who’s got a great little profile in byGeorge. The article opens up about his “objectively bad website”: We have a pretty objectively bad website. If I paid someone to make that, I’d be pretty irritated. But I try to be real. I’m […]

Farewell, Charlotte

She was one of the best ones. Here’s hoping her retirement is relaxing and rewarding. I’m retiring from the web design industry. The web dev industry. Just the web in general. I’m so burnt out, and I don’t think it’s recoverable. It’s not a hidden secret that the web can be a toxic place and […]

My Favorite Wisconsin Cheeses

I’m not a massive cheese expert. I’m sure there are all sorts of fancy cheeses I’ve never tried. I’m also limited in my cheese palette. I’m not a big fan of blues, anything goat, any of the smelly ones, or even swiss. But I have my favorites. Sartori Montamoré Pretty much anything by Sartori is […]

The Wonder Spot

The Wisconsin Dells is a tourist mecca of a city. Loaded with water parks, mini golfing, go-karts, boat tours, and the like. I grew up nearby, so I’ve done it all. It’s a naturally beautiful place (a “dell” is a pleasant “small secluded hollow”). There is water throughout the Dells, like the lovely Wisconsin River […]

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