The Weekend

This past Saturday we got up, put Ruby into the stroller (a BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller, a masterpiece, if you wanna know), and wandered over to the new Thump coffeeshop in Northwest Crossing with the dogs. It was a gorgeous morning. Still brisk like we get in these high desert mornings. I had a muffin with my coffee and Miranda got a scone.

After we got home Ruby took her typical morning nap as we sat around the house. When she got up, we walked over to the Farmer’s Market. We got some kombucha that we’ve never tried before (shocking, really, with how much kombucha we drink). I forget the brand, but it was intensely fruit flavored and tart, unlike the Humm stuff we normally get.

Then we headed for Crux brewery (if I had to absolutely only pick one, my favorite brewery in Bend) for their 6th (7th?) Cruxapalooza, an outdoor celebration of themselves I guess. We had a great time listening to live music and sitting in the grass. We met some new friends there who are on an epic 6-month road trip with their daughter. They are big mountain bikers so are hitting all the best spots for that in the US before heading back home to do the next 3 months in Canada.

Sunday morning I woke up and took Digby to an incredible trail that I had never been to before. It was along Tumalo creek, an area higher up the creek than Shevlin Park, our more normal hiking grounds, where the water is more rushing and intense. Higher up the creek is Tumalo falls, which is wonderful, but I didn’t make it that far on foot (you can drive right up to it though). Apparently, you can keep going from there and the creek is even more intense and waterfally.

After I got home we strapped Ruby in again and walked up to Sparrow bakery. A lovely spot and a favorite of ours (ocean rolls, duh) but it occured to us that Northwest Crossing could seriously use another breakfast spot. We both had scones this time. I declared myself a scone convert. Used to hate ’em. Now I love ’em.

Our new friends had said they might go to 4Peaks festival, and we had wanted to go as well, so after Ruby’s nap, we made our way over there. It was only $25 on Sunday to get in because the main stage was closed and the whole thing was kinda winding down. It was still super fun and we had another day sitting in the grass listening to music. It was dang hot though, so we left after a few hours to get Ruby and ourselves into some cooler air.

It was a lovely weekend and we’re glad to have met some new friends, who are coming over for dinner tonight! It’s fun to mark little moments like this, I thought. As I sit, we’re moments away from seeing a counter-offer on a new house we fell in love with. I wonder what next weekend will be like.


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