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Halt and Catch Fire

I watched the whole series this year. I had a false start or two when I first started watching, but like all great shows, they require you to actually pay attention to them to get sucked in. It’s now easily in my top 10 shows ever (I’ll have to take a stab at that list […]

Travelin McCourys & Michael Cleveland

I love that there is a John Hartford Festival. I’d like to go to that one day. If nothing else to see musicians I quite like play John Hartford covers and slay them.

WiFi in 2017 Tahoe

I recently bought at 2017 Chevy Tahoe. I mostly quite like the car. It’s big and safe and comfortable and it’ll serve my family well. This is about one nitpick I have. This car is a WiFi hotspot. It offers a 4G LTE thingy as part of the OnStar package it has. The reaction timeline […]

Cooperative Games

As made it into my life story talk recently, I’m way more into cooperative gameplay than competitive. I don’t mind competition, but when it comes to recreational play, I’d rather work with you to solve a problem than duke it out in silence and declare a winner. My friend Rebecca introduced me to Forbidden Island […]

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