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Tech Workers & The Government

I was very interested, right after the last U.S. presidential election went to Trump, if there would be an exodus of tech workers from government jobs. As best I can tell, the tech industry leans pretty strongly left and to say it, as a whole, dislikes Trump is an understatement.

58% of folks told me working for the government is now less appealing:

Which isn’t as drastic as I thought it would be.

It does seem to be chipping away at it though. It was interesting to read Noah Kunin’s journey, from being steadfast in sticking with it:

My oath to this country was not to a particular office, or person, and certainly not to a political party. It was to the Constitution and to the people.

To feeling like this:

Since the election, I’ve been on the “inside” for 224 days. I just can’t see how being within the system is supposed to work anymore. Means matter. Even if good is done over the next 3 years, what message does that send? That nepotism, favoritism, opacity, and personal loyalty work? That they are in fact, more effective than the alternatives?