July 2017


Alexa Turn Your Screen Off

We put our Echo Show in the bedroom. Works well there. Headlines in the morning. Music as we get ready. It’s nice. At night though, it’s good to have it go completely dark instead of the regular screensaver thing it does. Alexa turn your screen off That works. When we first got it, it would […]

You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS

I have so many family and friends that do this and it drives me nuts. John Gruber clears it up: The single biggest misconception about iOS is that it’s good digital hygiene to force quit apps that you aren’t using. The idea is that apps in the background are locking up unnecessary RAM and consuming […]

The Door Problem

Liz England: I like to describe my job [as a game designer] in terms of “The Door Problem”. Premise: You are making a game. Are there doors in your game? Can the player open them? Can the player open every door in the game? Or are some doors for decoration? How does the player know […]

Just a Guess

Charles M. Blow, in “The Hijacked American Presidency”: Last week, when Donald Trump attacked two MSNBC hosts, people were aghast. The condemnation came quickly and from all quarters. But his words shouldn’t have shocked. His tweet was just another pebble on a mountain of vulgarities. This act of coarseness was in fact an act of […]

Tech Workers & The Government

I was very interested, right after the last U.S. presidential election went to Trump, if there would be an exodus of tech workers from government jobs. As best I can tell, the tech industry leans pretty strongly left and to say it, as a whole, dislikes Trump is an understatement. 58% of folks told me […]

Passion and Pickiness

If you’re super into car stereos, it’s more fun to work on nice cars installing state of the art equipment than it is fixing an old radio in a jalopy. If you’re super into bicycles, it’s more fun to work on a high performance bike with modern componentry than oiling the rusty chain of an […]

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