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Hot Mustard

I knew the day was coming. McDonalds has discontinued their Hot Mustard dipping sauce. I’m aware that the right solution in life is “Never go to McDonalds, ever, even if they have Hot Mustard sauce.” But. Sometimes it happens, and when it does, I get me some Hot Mustard sauce because it’s de-friggin-licious and there […]

The Paper

Just got back from North Carolina where I picked up my new SylvanSport GO. It’s even more awesome than I thought it was going to be. I used to have a Jayco popup camper, and it was pretty much a piece of junk, despite having bought it new. I’ll have to go into all that […]

Phone vs Dedicated GPS

Points for the phone (by which I mean, Google Maps on iPhone): It's always up-to-date and tends to have better directions The interface is nicer It's "free" Linked to Google so it knows my recent map searches and such Points for the GPS: The mount is nice (magnetic attachment, suction cups on window). Never found […]


Step 1: learn how to (somewhat) safely break a bottle over your head. Step 2: try to impress your friends Step 3: land in broken glass, but be too drunk to really notice that a piece of glass gets lodged in your wrist. Step 4: nearly seven years later, get health insurance again. Go get […]

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