July 2013



One day not too long ago a new icon appeared on my AppleTV. Crunchyroll? What’s that? Turns out it’s a service for watching Anime, and it didn’t take me long to get addicted. The first series I watched was Sword Art Online, in which people are playing a super realistic MMORPG in which they wear […]

Emotional Connection as a Superpower

Dana Guerrieri on Pacific Rim: Guillermo del Toro built a world where there are a few exceptional people who do a really awesome thing, and those people aren’t exceptional because they’re the smartest or the strongest, they’re exceptional because they can empathize really deeply with another person. He’s telling kids that they can be awesome […]

Nah. I’ll pass.

There is this UI framework Flat UI that got a lot of attention. It was the right style at the right time. Lots of smart people saying designs that mimic reality are dumb, fast is important, not using images at all is ideal, vector icons are awesome, etc etc. Turns out Design Modo, the website […]


This is just funny. This is just exaggerated for effect, but it’s ultimately why I didn’t love it there in the nearly two years in the Bay Area. You’d wouldn’t describe most folks you met straight up snobs, but there was always some hint of it. It’s nearly snob-free here in Milwaukee. It feels a […]

Negative Nellys

I’m doing this new thing where if someone is being all negative nelly on a social network I just unfollow them. Life is tough enough without me reading about your crap. Pretty radical, I know. If I was a better person I’d send you a private note making sure everything is OK and voice my […]

Introversion Comic

Super great comic but Luchie. See the full comic with a nice happy ending.

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