The Pastry Box Project: Everyone Should Blog

I’m doing The Pastry Box Project this year. I’ll have an article a month. My first one was published, which I’ll re-post below. I just sent them another one too. I like the style over there. Kind of think-y experiential posts that I normally wouldn’t probably write, but do enjoy it.

I wish everyone in the world would blog.

Did you solve a tricky user interface problem today? I’d love to read about the options you considered and why you picked the one you did.

Did you use some technology that you never used before today? I’d love to read about why you avoided it at first and why you came around.

Did you eat at a great restaurant this week? I’d love to read about what you ordered and what it was like there.

Did you subscribe to a new podcast recently? I’d love to read about why you chose to subscribe and your review of it.

Did you buy a board game recently? I’d love to hear how your first time playing it went.

I enjoy living vicariously through you, even for a moment. Give blogging a shot, I bet you won’t regret it.



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