The System Works

I had a cool moment today of using my own product.

  1. Someone sent me an email referencing a CSS-Tricks snippet about fonts that they were having trouble with specifically on iOS.
  2. I used the CodePen bookmarket to quickly move it over into a Pen.
  3. To get some text to look at, I typed “lorem”-TAB.
  4. In Chrome, the text looked like the CSS was working. I needed to test iOS, and I wanted to do it on a real device to be sure. So I used our SMS feature to send it over to my iPhone.
  5. Then I read more into the email and they said it was really the header tags that were the problem, so I updated the Pen to have header tags instead of just paragraph text. I typed in Markdown to make it super quick.
  6. I picked up my phone to refresh and see the changes, but OH WAIT, of course I’m CodePen PRO so the preview was already live refreshed and showed me the changes. All seemed well.
  7. I made the Pen private because it’s just a dumb little demo, not really needed to be seen on my profile.

I even used another secret feature that was also helpful but I can’t tell you about yet =). It’s a nice feeling to know that the product you’re building is useful to yourself.

2 responses to “The System Works”

  1. Wesley Terry says:

    Kinda rad. I’ve been using your html ipsum thingy for a long time, but I’ll switch over to your new lorem jam. Keep up the good work man, we all appreciate it.

  2. Brendan says:

    Codepen has been a go to app for me in nearly a daily basis.. I need to grab a pro account (think I’ll make that jump tonight)

    Awesome to hear that you’re getting as much usefulness out of it as anyone. Can’t wait to see what else is in the pipeline.

    Happy new year!

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