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The Reckless Side of Me

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

There’s two angels sitting on my shoulders,
all they ever do is disagree.
One sits on the side of rhyme and reason,
the other on the reckless side of me.

-The Steeldrivers

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Heartland Credit Union

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

When I got my first job at age 13 (turned out that wasn’t exactly legal) I need a bank account to put the money in. Well, probably I wanted a place where I could go easily cash my checks, but whatever. The closest bank to my house in Verona, Wisconsin was Heartland Credit Union. I opened a savings account there in (I’m pretty sure) 1993.

It’s been my only financial institution ever since.

In college I was home often enough that I could do my banking then. It wasn’t often needed though. I deposited checks through the couple of ATM machines in town that accepted check deposits.

When I moved to Portland in 2007 I was in a spot in life where I so rarely got checks the location of the bank just didn’t matter. I later moved to Chicago, Tampa, and Palo Alto (where I am now) and in the rare event I get a check I just mail it home to my mom. She works right across the street at Park Printing so she can just swing over and deposit it.

After college, I needed to consolidate a bunch of random debt I had acquired to get my finances in order. I got the loan through Heartland and paid it off a few years later.

Why have I never changed banks? Laziness is one reason, but more importantly they’ve just taken care of me over the years. Everyone is always very nice there. I’ve had to call them for lots of reasons over the years and a human being always answers the phone and that very person is usually able to directly help me with whatever it is I need.

Speaking of which, I need a new debit card, the strip on mine doesn’t work very well.

I’m literally calling Heartland right now….

Christy (if I heard that right) helped me. She’s sending me a new card in the mail. The entire conversation was probably 45 seconds long. Incredible.

What prompted this blog post though was a letter I got from them. Someone noticed that I could have a better checking account than I currently have (one that earns interest instead of one that doesn’t). They wrote me a personal letter explaining why that would be better, included some documentation for it, highlighting the relevant bits and why I qualified for it, and also the forms I needed to fill out to do it. No pressure, but if I wanted to fill out those forms and send them back, they’d upgrade my account. Again, incredible.