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4-5 hours

That’s how many hours PER FRICKING DAY an average American watches TV. Holy crap. There are lots of reasons some people are more productive in life than others, but that’s a big factor right there. I get asked pretty frequently “how do you have time to do all that stuff you do?” and I always […]

Whole Shift

My friend Jennifer Cybulski has started a new blog and Nutritional Consulting service called Whole Shift. She’s a huge advocate of healthy eating and building a better life through that. If you are ready for an eating change, check her new venture out and try a personal consultation.

Ruining Perfect

When I get new furniture I like to get some scratches and rips and stains on it right away. When I get a new book I get some food stains on the cover the first time I open it. I also dog-ear the pages to mark my progress and bend the crap out of the […]

So Good

Those Darlins kick ass.

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