August 2011


Bon Iver

Mike Monteiro: Can someone who’s not on Paxil please explain Bon Iver to me. I don’t think music should have to be explained. You either feel it or you don’t and not everybody has to like all the same stuff, especially when it’s as emotional as music. And I understand the “I’m just an asshole […]

Wrapup of WordCamp San Francisco 2011

Three weeks ago I moved to “The Bay Area” (Palo Alto, California) from “The Bay Area” (Tampa, Florida). Palo Alto is ground zero of another slang geographic term: silicon valley. It’s no joke, it’s super tech-y out here. Lots of tech events, lots of tech companies, lots of tech people working at tech companies going […]

I Like It / I Hate It

Aren’t these just two sides of the same coin? Equally useless critiques? Nope. Because “I like it” makes people feel good and people that feel good do better work. They also spread that good feeling. “I hate it” makes people feel bad and people that feel bad do worse work. They also spread that bad […]


Here’s now to not email people, “marketing” folks.

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