Mmmm. Multi Room Audio.

I’ve always wanted this, and now I have it. I’ve always drooled at receivers with supposed multi-room technology. I’ve thought about Sonos. But no, ultimately, this all-Apple solution wins the day. With AirPort Express and AppleTV both at $99 a pop, that’s FOUR ROOMS (Five, with the main computer room) with synced audio for under $500. Plus I can control everything from my iPhone with the remote app. It’s a beautiful thing.

I put my old receiver and speakers in my bedroom. I’ve become obsessed with not using a receiver in the main room. Trying to avoid the extra wires and extra remote. So instead I’m using these Logitech computer speakers I got from a friend. They have a optical audio input, so it’s basically perfect. All sources go to the TV, TV goes to these speakers.

In my garage and guest bedroom I have Audioengine 5’s, which are pretty amazing for how little they are. My main computer has the harmon/kardons that are all over Apple stores.

Anyone know how to change “Computer” to something more fun?

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  1. Daniel says:

    Having whole house audio is something I’ll be wanting when I move out. The setup you have looks fantastic! Personally I would prefer a method utilizing a Windows PC, but to each their own!

    The CSS below is totally unrelated to your post, but I thought it would be a cool addition to these inputs.

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  2. Hey Chris. Awesome post, although I hope none of my customers see this (I install a/v and automation systems for a living – besides web development, of course, heh – and I could not possibly make a penny selling apple products…). Check out Denon AVR-4311CI, it has airplay compatibility built-in, and it sounds awesome (if you want one I will hook you up at the dealer cost, hushhh :P).
    By the way, if I seem a little too comfortable posting on your blog, it is because I just spent 2x days with you, dissecting your wordpress 3.0 video tutorial from (even my wife is jealous of you already, heh). Awesome job, man and thanks for everything. Oh, and let me know what you think about that Denon, I can really hook you up.

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