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Mmmm. Multi Room Audio.

I’ve always wanted this, and now I have it. I’ve always drooled at receivers with supposed multi-room technology. I’ve thought about Sonos. But no, ultimately, this all-Apple solution wins the day. With AirPort Express and AppleTV both at $99 a pop, that’s FOUR ROOMS (Five, with the main computer room) with synced audio for under $500. Plus I can control everything from my iPhone with the remote app. It’s a beautiful thing.

I put my old receiver and speakers in my bedroom. I’ve become obsessed with not using a receiver in the main room. Trying to avoid the extra wires and extra remote. So instead I’m using these Logitech computer speakers I got from a friend. They have a optical audio input, so it’s basically perfect. All sources go to the TV, TV goes to these speakers.

In my garage and guest bedroom I have Audioengine 5’s, which are pretty amazing for how little they are. My main computer has the harmon/kardons that are all over Apple stores.

Anyone know how to change “Computer” to something more fun?