A few months ago I got my first dog. I got her from the Tampa Humane Society. I named her Digby. I got the name from the name of another dog I was originally trying to get but didn’t work out. Jen, who I work with at Wufoo, thought it was a cute name when I originally mentioned it and thought it would be fun to call her “Digs” for short and that sealed the deal for me.


After naming her that, a number of interesting things have come up around the name that I think are kind of neat.

The Big Lebowski

DONNY: Those are good burgers, Walter.

WALTER: Shut the fuck up, Donny. This kid is in the ninth grade, Dude, and his father is–are you ready for this?– Arthur Digby Sellers.

DUDE: Who the fuck is that?


DUDE: Who the fuck is Arthur Digby Sellers?

WALTER: Who the f— have you ever heard of a little show called Branded, Dude?

DUDE: Yeah.

WALTER: “All but one man died? There at Bitter Creek?”

DUDE: Yeah, yeah, I know the fucking show, Walter. So what?

WALTER: Fucking Arthur Digby Sellers wrote 156 episodes, Dude. The bulk of the series. Not exactly a lightweight. And yet his son is a fucking dunce.

The Biggest Dog in the World

Apparently it’s only available on VHS. Five out of ten stars on IMDb. Definitely need to track this down eventually. I actually have a couple other VHS tapes that need digitizing eventually, and I’ve done it in the past. Meatballs 2 exists in digital format thanks to me YOU’RE WELCOME VERY MUCH.

Pushing Daisies

Digby is the first thing that Ned brought back to life in the show Pushing Daisies and is still his loyal companion.

Nova Scotia

It’s a town.

And so.

I once knew a girl named Harmony. She always said that her parents named her after a road that was also named Harmony. I (sorry Harmony) used to think that was kinda dumb. I mean obviously her parents knew that that name harmony was a musical term and liked that. It must have been more about that than the road itself. Now I don’t. I learned all these neat connotations about the name afterward, but I didn’t know all that stuff at the time, I just like the name I saw elsewhere and took it.

5 responses to “Digby”

  1. Really a cute dog… and obviously… a cute name too :P

    I don’t know why but it reminds me Chris Spooner’s dog…

    Are you gonna make a blog for your dog as Chris did? :D
    ( http://jakethelab.com/ )

  2. Props for getting her from a rescue.
    The story is similar to ours with Jake actually. We were originally registered with a rescue but we were rejected for a lab we applied for called Jakey.
    Instead we adopted ‘Ozzie’ from a family who put him up for sale after not being able to cope with him. We renamed him to Jake and the rest is history.

    @Luciano – I don’t think anyone else is sad enough to make a website for their dog! #FML

  3. @Chris Spooner sad but nice story…
    I really like dogs and people who cares about them…
    I truly agree with the sentence “Dogs are the best friends of men”.
    I hope I’ll be able to get one someday :)

  4. Ian Conrad says:

    No way! I saw the title of this post and low and behold, the town of Digby, Nova Scotia. That’s my hometown. Kinda fun. Anyway that’s my story and now i feel like we’re closer than ever before.Regular CSS-Tricks reader, it’s awesome. Nice dog too :)

  5. Jen says:

    Awe, Digs <3

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