September 2010


It’s No Secret

I’m overweight. There is only one good way to lose weight, and it’s no secret. You need to eat better/less and exercise. If you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight. I know that. Everybody knows that, even the people buy the miracle products on late night TV. That doesn’t mean it’s easy […]

The Best Tool for Changing Slides: Kensington Presenter

At a conference I was at (jQuery Conference Bay Area) I heard Steve Smith give an enthusiastic endorsement of the Kensington Presenter to a table full of other people speaking at the event. I picked one up shortly after and I’ve been giving the same enthusiastic endorsement ever since. The device feels very comfortable in […]


I live in Tampa, Florida now. Figured that was good fodder for a personal blog. Only one other time did I ever live in a house (besides when I lived at home with my parents) where it was only one unit. And this is the first time I’ve ever lived alone. I don’t own the […]

Bread Boxes and Bad Search Results

I was looking for a bread box to buy. I looked on Amazon but nothing that really stood out as cool. So I Googled for them. I got this result: Wow, a whole site just for bread boxes! But wait… The site is the worst kind of website in the world. There is content […]

I Hope Twitter Isn’t “The New RSS”

Bloglines is dead. I never used it, but it’s a household name. I’ve also read that “visits to Google Reader are down 27 percent year-over-year.” Khoi Vin says about RSS: “ultimately I think its evolution augurs even more exciting things.” I also hear people say in my Twitter stream on a regular basis how they […]

You Can Like Things

I believe you can make a choice in how you feel about new things. You can choose to like new things by default, and only change that opinion if you are overwhelmed the other direction by your experience. I also believe this is the opposite of how most people think. I think most people are […]

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