Things I Found Interesting Around February 15th

  • Kevin Hale of Wufoo (interview)
    …talks UX, Funding, Startups and API integration. I think it’s interesting to compare Wufoo and 37 signals. Both make products to cater to similar audiences. Both are successful and make their money by charging for a quality service. But Wufoo took venture captial, worked insanely hard and isn’t afraid to say that even their lives had to be put on hold while they hunkered down and built Wufoo. 37 signals is kind of anti-VC and anti working crazy hours and all that.
  • IE7 CSS Selectors: How they fail
  • Inspector Scrutiny
    This particular “bug” doesn’t worry me all that much, but I wonder how many other things are incorrectly reported in a tool like Firebug. My guess is not much. I think a cool Firebug feature would be to somehow indicate which DOM values are likely to be inconsistent across browsers.
  • Website Owner’s Newsletter: Issue One
    Cool thing design agency Headscape does… sends newsletter to clients about industry news

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