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Things I Found Interesting Around February 27th

Decemberists CoversI didn’t realize they were so into doing covers live OMGFacts on YouTubeSo their little Twitter idea went viral and now they have built a website around it and a YouTube channel. Sweet. Turns out the girl is hot too, which always helps. World’s Most Influential Designers Drobo Actual SoftwareI’ve been having some computer […]

Things I Found Interesting Around February 26th

What’s your favorite "programmer" cartoon?Nice roundup of all the great classic nerdy comics FaceSpace The PeepCode ArchivesReally excellent example of art direction per post CodeSlamYour code editor in the cloud! PolldaddyKiller redesign BoxeeI used to use Boxee on AppleTV when it had Hulu support. Then it lost it and I lost interest, then it stopped […]

Trailer Park Boys

If you’ve never seen this show, I really think you should get on it. It’s basically a comedy of super white trash swearing and doing ridiculous shit. But it’s far more than that. The characters are really endearing, there are more running themes than you can count on your fingers and toes, and the subtle […]

Things I Found Interesting Around February 25th

Contestants — Happy Cog’aoke 2I have a big personality and 407 facial expressions—over 75% of which are attractive. I am single, fun and ready to tickle your eardrums with my luscious licks. Chat roulette on VimeoNice little journalism style piece on chat roulette Mimeo and the Kleptopus KingCrazy cool idea surely to be just as […]


I only use one email address.I only have one “alias”. It’s “chriscoyier”, my name.I have one avatar that is used everywhere.I only have one phone number.I only have one personal website.I only really use one social networking site1, in which I only really use one account. I think there is something to being Ol’ Johnny […]

Things I Found Interesting Around February 24th

Driftwood FireAnother band I want to check out Missing kids on your 404 pagePeople land up on 404 pages all the time. 404 pages are pages that have either gone missing, or were never there to begin with. This is a technique for serving up real-time information about missing children. This page cannot be found, […]

Things I Found Interesting Around February 23rd

Darkness Sure Becomes This CityNew album by Joy Kills Sorrow, a band I really like Party RatsThey are colored rats that light up that you put on your fingers. Mmmhmm. Zef Side VideoWeird and awesome

Micro Waiting

I wasn’t around back then, but the very first computers were as big as a room and ran with punch cards you stuck in slots. It might take hours to perform a function. The computers users of those days didn’t wait around staring and drooling at the machine until it spit out a result, they […]

Things I Found Interesting Around February 19th

Do try this at work | For A Beautiful WebWhat would you prefer me to do? Spend my time hacking around issues in older technologies like Internet Explorer 6 or would you like that time spent making the site look the best that it can on better desktop browsers, as well as on the iPhone, […]

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