Things I Found Interesting Around January 20th

  • ColorBox
    Apparently this is becoming the gold-standard jQuery lightbox. Noted.
  • Lost Predictions
    Get yourself an account and register your predictions
  • BumpTop Mac
    Does some crazy shit to your desktop. For some reason this kinda scares me. Like back in the OS 9 days when you had too many weird things running and it caused weird conflicts and slowness. Not saying this does this, it just feels like one of those things.
  • Graves Mountain Bluegrass Festival
    The lineup gets worse every year, but I still go. This will be my 6th or 7th year.
  • The importance of teaching your clients and being the boss
    Excellent take on how we should behave as designers
  • Stop Blogging
    Steve’s argument is that blogs get old quick and then the information there becomes misinformation. I think if that happens, it’s your responsibility to go update it, that’s all. Or even better, if it’s code, provide a live example so people can see if it still works or not in two seconds.


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2 responses to “Things I Found Interesting Around January 20th”

  1. TeMc says:

    About the gold-standard jQuery lightbox:

    In my opinion that lable stands for Shadowbox (see )

    Becuase it
    * resizes on the fly
    * supports more file types (but not all included by default, you can tick checkboxes when compositing the download)
    * Has no annoying white border arround
    * Uses more screen-space (less wasted space)
    * Smoother transition
    * Support for space-bar
    * Lots of other options

  2. Chris Coyier says:

    Cool, good to know, thanks TeMc.

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