December 2009


Things I Found Interesting Around December 30th

It’s Twenty-ten, not Two-thousand and ten. Ways of reading Brands Alphabet Poster Welcome to MacintoshApple documentary, 9:30pm January 4th on CNBC SimplyNoise.comThe best free white noise generator on the Internet. Replacement Docks WithingsThe WiFi Scale

Things I Found Interesting Around December 29th

Logo Design LoveDavid Airey’s book REWORKThe new business book from 37signals. GQueuesIt LOOKS like a Google App, but it ain’t. Not sure if I care though, seems to work awesomely. What storytelling risks could Avatar have taken?

Actions Speak Louder

If it’s too expensive… don’t buy it. If it doesn’t have the features you want… don’t use it. If it offends you… don’t read it. If it doesn’t work right… fix it. If you are sick of it… do something about it. Actions speak louder than Emails, Tweets, whatever.

Things I Found Interesting Around December 27th

Caching Tutorial keepRhythmThis needs to be fired on window onload rather than document ready, but it's a clever idea. BorrowLenses.comI am going to try this for trying out a lens before buying. Mag+More on the inevitable future of slate devices.

Things I Found Interesting Around December 22nd

GboardI’m not sure I’d ever want an extra physical device on my desk for something so specific (multitaskers only!) but it’s interesting to see stuff like this. Gmail users are a hardcore bunch. BACON or BEER CAN Icon Finder BlogIcon Finder has really stepped up to be the best and nicest way to find icons […]

Things I Found Interesting Around December 21st

BRB T-Shirt 200 Parameters in Google Algorithm Mario’s ClosetWhat shall he wear today? Graphic Designer Favors Coda Plugin to Encode Entities Three Perils with Search Landing Pages Please Scroll KivaLoans that change lives

Things I Found Interesting Around December 19th

November Blue ChordsAwesome Avett Brothers Songs with fun simple chords Sports illustrated on Apple TabletThis is exactly what I think is coming. Browser Pong TuneUpFixes up your iTunes library jQuery Roundabout Browser SizeInteresting data from Google, but of course don’t want it to proliferate the idea of “the fold”. Internet Archaeologists Find Ruins Of ‘Friendster’ […]

Things I Found Interesting Around December 18th

Collapse MovieSounds like a conspiracy nutjob to me. The trailer has zero facts. But… I do enjoy hearing about the collapse of society… You Totally Missed the MarkWell written article about freelancing A short PayPal horror storyI log into my PayPal account and what do I see? “For my protection” they have limited the ability […]

Things I Found Interesting Around December 17th

Desaturated Santa Gallery1988 Crazy 4 Cult 3D WordPress Coding StandardsI endorse all of these. I love clean code. What Matters NowFree Seth Godin (+others) eBook WP-InvoiceWordPress theme send invoices Why You’re a Social Media DoucheLet’s try an experiment. Compare your “real” friends’ Facebook pages to those that belong to the social media douches in your […]

Things I Found Interesting Around December 16th

IncarnateClever system for allowing people to choose what image to use for themselves on a comment. Available as a WordPress plugin. December Chicago Dreamweaver Meetup WrapupThoughts from Dennis after my presentation Tuesday night. 50 of the world’s best design blogs“Design” meaning “Interior Design” meaning “A bunch of awesome blogs you’ve never heard of”. Nascom_xmas_2009Clever use […]

Things I Found Interesting Around December 15th

Change blindness PastryKitWow. Apple is hiding some serious JavaScript work that could make developing apps in MobileSafari way awesome. The hoverFlow PluginA Solution to Animation Queue Buildup in jQuery Chromeography QuickCursorYour favorite text editor anywhere.

The Safari Challenge

I’ve traditionally been a Firefox guy. I like Firefox. I like the peeps at Mozilla, and they do great things. I also like Apple, and when I can, I try to use Apple products. So for an entire week, I decided I was going to suck it up and just try and make the switch […]

Things I Found Interesting Around December 11th

FeedWordPressPlugin I’d like to check out on turning external RSS feed posts in posts inside WordPress A not-so-brief chat with Randall Stephenson of AT&T Ligature, Loop & Stem TranslateThis WidgetCopy+Paste translation for 52 languages Papa Beansprout

Things I Found Interesting Around December 8th

IGN’s New LookIGN is lookin’ good 2 Smashing YearsVery nice poster, styleish type, for SM’s 2 year anniversary (old) Mind BlownFunny comic about “the fold”. SignalnoiseI like the simple design of James White’s blog VaryWell Beak — An innovative Mac Twitter clientTweetie could use some competition Smiley SliderNice user interface idea. Unfortunately flash. Would […]

Things I Found Interesting Around December 7th

Mobius Sliced Linked Bagel Nice Jewish Guy – Calendar 2010I know this girl who just loves “nice jewish guys”. I thought it was extremely weird. But I guess it’s a whole thing. LessCruise 2010 Image Editor JetpackFirefox plugin for editing images. Comes at a bad time when I’m trying to move away from Firefox The […]

Things I Found Interesting Around December 6th

Sketchy Santas “Another World”Ported to JavaScript and canvas Build It With MeConnecting designers and developers The Cover Letter that will Land Me an Interview with AppleClever Crack, The Easiest Way to Parse XML and JSONRuby on Rails Smashing Magazine – Realigned

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