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Coraline on Blu-Ray

I am super pleased with my recent purchase of Coraline on Blu-Ray. I don’t buy a heck of a lot of DVDs or BluRay discs, but I was just enamored with the awesomeness of Coraline in the theater I had to own it (you know, to go with my poster, soundtrack, and original copy of the book).

I would have been pleased get a High-Def version of the movie, but much to my surprise, the movie is optionally playable in 3D as well! I saw the movie three times in theaters because I figured this would be the last time the movie would ever be watchable in 3D ever again. There are 4 sets of 3D glasses (old school tinted film glasses, JAWS style) that come inside the Blu-Ray case, so the whole family can watch. The 3D is of course not nearly as good as the modern technology in the theater is but it’s still pretty cool. It just strains the eyes quite a bit more, isn’t quite as intricate and really desaturates the color of the film.

It comes as a two-disc set, the additional disc being a DVD of bonus features, which I have yet to delve into but I’m sure are great.

My favorite part? It comes with a “Digital Copy”. Basically you toss the DVD in the computer, fire up iTunes, enter a code, and it downloads a copy that you can play on your digital devices (iPod, iPhone, etc). It’s still copy-protected though, which is lame, but at least it’s not illegal to transfer the video and watch it on other devices.