May 2009


Bon Iver

From my home state. Much pride.

Like a Helpless Baby

That’s how I feel when Gmail is down. It’s been HOURS. When it’s up and working fine. I LOVE it. It’s a web application I find a complete joy to use every day. When it’s down I HATE it. Years and years and years of email inaccessible, but worse, my inbox is basically my to-do […]

Names I Think Are Cool

I’m going to start collecting these. I think about it once in a while and then they slip away so I want to have a post I can keep updated. No particular reason for this except for that I hate when ideas slip away from me and online is the best place for me to […]

Backstep Cindy

This is why I’m so damn into oldtime music. Super tight shit-kicking tunes like this. Call it blasphemous, but I don’t find it too dissimilar to music like techno, where you can get lost in the drive and repetition of it. Transcendental.

Wu-Tang Covers Remixed

I don’t listen to a ton of rap or hip-hop, but I do love me some Wu-Tang. These re-issue covers so perfect.

Amber Gris

New song from an upcoming MMW record.

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