Hand Problems Conquered?

About a year ago, as it were, I started getting pretty nasty pain in my hand. I hesitate to call it “carpal tunnel”, because as I understand it these probably-computer-related hand pains are more likely generically categorized under “RSI” or Repetitive Stress Injury” rather than specifically the carpal tunnel.

For many, many months to come, it was nearly constant pain. I wore a brace around my wrist, which helped some, both day and night. I swallowed Ibuprofen like candy.

Gradually, over time, the pain seemed to subside. I made a number of changes. I started using the Microsoft Natural Egonomic Keyboard 4000 and I bought a wrist pad for my Kensington Ball Mouse. I wish I could say I’ve improved my chair posture but that would be a lie.

I still feel a little “weirdness” in my right hand sometimes, but it’s largely no big deal. I just wanted to make a note of this on my blog for posterity and to be thankful that this health problem has gone away.


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5 responses to “Hand Problems Conquered?”

  1. Paul Davis says:

    You can finally get rid of “this dumb brace”.:P

  2. Matt says:

    What d’ya know. I just had to start wearing one today. I do website backend programming for a living, but I use an old IBM keyboard (because they’re my favorite keyboards) instead of an ergonomic one. I would use an ergonomic, but I’m somewhat reluctant to stop using my spring buckle keyboard (programmers dream).

  3. Tim Wright says:

    check out Anti-RSI, its a mac program that schedules breaks for you: http://tech.inhelsinki.nl/antirsi/

  4. David says:

    Time to switch to a standing desk. I did it a year and a half ago and have loved it. Pretty hard to slouch when you are standing and you are more apt to move around during that day. Has made night and day difference in how my back feels at the end of the work day.

  5. Joe says:

    +1 on the Microsoft keyboard decision, and ditto for the suggestion of going standing desk (though I prefer adjustable-height desk (a GeekDesk is what I got, and love it).

    You might also seriously consider getting a tablet instead of a mouse — I use the Wacom Bamboo and it’s made a big difference too.

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