All Along The Watch(men)tower

Worst. Blog post title. Ever.

So I’m freshly back from Watchmen at the iMAX. Great stuff, I thought. Really great flick. So, of course I’m compelled to write about the one little thing that I didn’t like: the soundtrack. Not all of it, just the wicked cliche 60’s tracks. The sound of silence? The times are a changin’? 99 luftbaloons? All along the watchtower?!

Great songs, obviously, but they carry too much baggage. I don’t care if they fit perfectly to the scenes (they didn’t), they can never ever be used effectively in a movie again for me.

When I heard All Along the Watchtower, I started thinking about bong hits and learning how to play the chords on my buddy Jessie’s pure white Stratocaster. Fine memories, surely, but now I’ve been daydreaming for 10 minutes. Oh yeah, I’m at a movie, I guess I should be paying attention.

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