March 2009


Ads: Clickthoughs May Suck But They Still Work

I have suspected this for a while, but it’s nice to hear it from a real study. comStore’s Gian Fulgoni says that click rates on display ads is generally under 0.1%. Yet in a four-week study… …while click rates were desperately low, there was a 46% increase in visits to the advertisers site, a 38% […]

Lost Boys 3, Confirmed

From Corey Feldman himself: There have been a myriad of reports over the last 24 hrs suddenly surrounding the supposed production of LB3. Some of them are true some of them aren’t. As this is all in a very early stage, for now all I can tell you is this…….YES I have made a deal […]

Google Blog Search and Spammy Incoming Links

So there is this ridiculously bullshit scraper site “Random Blog Blog” (which I’ll refrain from linking to) that scrapes my content from CSS-Tricks. OK, whatever. There are zillions of scraper sites. They’ll never get any search engine traffic, nobody actually reads them, I’m really not worried about it. But in WordPress (by default), the “incoming […]

He’s Done Crazier Things

I think there are even more uncanny comparisons, but I wasn’t about to spend all morning looking for photos.

Talking about Inbox Zero Kind of Makes You Sound Like a Douche Bag

Ooooooooh look at me I get so many emails that I have to develop a special system that is only for other elite organizational gurus like me. But really, I was just looking for an excuse to tell as many people as I can about how much email I get because it makes my nipples […]

Pete Seeger is 90

That is crazy. Long live the old bastard. He is having a birthday part at Madison Square Garden. Check out who is performing: Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, John Mellencamp, Juanes, Ani DiFranco, Arlo Guthrie, Bela Fleck, Ben Bridwell, Ben Harper, Billy Bragg, Billy Nershi, Bruce Cockburn, Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez, Keller […]

I’d like to go with NOT a Victorian parlor

Imagine a funeral home that is truly about celebrating life rather than awkwardly mourning death. The surroundings are familiar and are the kind of place the deceased would have enjoyed, which may or may not be an old-fashioned Victorian parlor. As friends lift their glasses to toast and share stories of the person’s life, the […]

All Along The Watch(men)tower

Worst. Blog post title. Ever. So I’m freshly back from Watchmen at the iMAX. Great stuff, I thought. Really great flick. So, of course I’m compelled to write about the one little thing that I didn’t like: the soundtrack. Not all of it, just the wicked cliche 60’s tracks. The sound of silence? The times […]

I Guess That’s How it’s Going to Have to Be

I don’t want to be rich, but if I have to be rich in order to build a secret oak-paneled downtown library where my pals and I can eat chicken salad sandwiches, drink whiskey, and make poop jokes, then fine, I will get rich. via via

Did you know you could have unicode characters in domain names? I didn’t. Check it out. http://➡.ws/ϚϨϨ-ԎҒѤќϨ

Back, Hippie! GET BACK!

You can’t go to the grocery store around here without a few hippies asking if you “just wanna talk”. They want to tell you all about global warming and if how you should sign up right now (and give them twenty dollars) to support their cause. If you tell them you’d like to research this […]

Homemade Soft Prezels

Pretzels, hard or soft, are one of my favorite foods on earth. I’ve never attempted doing it at home, but I found a mix at Williams & Sonoma so I thought I’d give it a shot. All the mix included was “various flours” and a yeast packet, so it’s pretty much “from scratch”. Check out […]

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