Apocolyptic Scenarios by Likelihood

From least to most likely

7. Aliens
6. Zombies
5. Climate Change
4. Asteroid / Meteor / Other Astronomy-related
3. Technology / Robots
2. Plague / Biological
1. Nuclear fallout

Did I miss any? Agree/Disagree?

10 responses to “Apocolyptic Scenarios by Likelihood”

  1. Marcus says:

    Climate Change is more likely than asteroids and meteors. There’s a lof of programs to get rid of astronomy-threats, but if the climate change we’re f*cked up. imho.

  2. Francis says:

    Climate changes all the time, it has never not
    “changed” Think today’s climate is the perfect one
    that should not change? Not a chance.
    Has been going on for 4.5 billion years.
    It will not become apocolyptic until the next Ice Age. We can handling warming, but a mile of ice over ones head is a problem.
    But have no fear. Keep breathing, CO2 is not the culprit, no matter how much fear the Main Stream Media pump into our collective heads.
    And Al Gore? They had great solutions for guys like that in the Old West: Tar and Feathers!
    All these guys want is to sell us their Carbon Schemes. Control Carbon and get stinking rich!
    Control Carbon and control people! That my friends is Apocolyptic!

  3. Tommy Day says:

    Zombies before Aliens? Seriously?

  4. Edwin says:

    Lol what it this about? Got nothing better to do in the weekend? :p

  5. Chris Coyier says:


    I think planning for the apocalypse should be everyone’s “main” job, and then everything else we do is just kind of a side project. Something to keep us occupied until judgment day, and facilitate the gathering and storage of valuable raw materials.

  6. Why is it that all of these remind me of video games? I would have to vote for plague/biological and just hope it was quick!

  7. jeff says:

    I’m ready for it. What about just one massive EMP blast stopping all electronics from operating, forcing us to eat each other? That would be #3 I think.

  8. Chris Coyier says:

    Yeah I think EMP blast would qualify as #3. I was also thinking of “humans stop reproducing”, but then I figure that goes under “Biological”. It seems like there would be more ways for the world to end than this.

  9. thnikkaman says:

    How about a trend of worshiping IE6 by end-users that would make all web developers and designers kill themselves, thus releasing an another trend of killing yourself as a part of “being cool”?

    Therefore, trends should also be on the list

  10. jeff says:

    Of course there’s the classic biblical apocalypse, probably the most interesting Sci-Fi scenario. Saw a thing on the daily show about some guy claiming that Obama is clearly the antichrist. Let’s put this as Numero Uno in likelihood.

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