February 2009


Apocolyptic Scenarios by Likelihood

From least to most likely 7. Aliens 6. Zombies 5. Climate Change 4. Asteroid / Meteor / Other Astronomy-related 3. Technology / Robots 2. Plague / Biological 1. Nuclear fallout Did I miss any? Agree/Disagree?

Clothing in the YEAR 2000

Retrofuturism is so great. A dress made of aluminum. Maybe if Apple went into the fashion industry. And where the hell is my climate-controlling belt?!

The One Site in the World That Doesn’t Need To Be Accessible

My friend “Gary” told me the other day he was working on a site for a government agency. A few days before the launch his boss asked him “Do you know anything about Section 508 Compliance?”. Uh oh. The site was built in Cold Fusion and had all these weird iframe-like sections that you can’t […]

Jeff Campana Ceramics

My longtime friend Jeff Campana makes some absolutely kick ass ceramic work. He’s recently been putting stuff on Etsy for sale and it’s been hot. Plaincraft has an interview with him.

Crisis Averted

Yesterday, I tried restarting my iMac and it wouldn’t boot up. Uh oh. I tried rebooting many times and sometimes it would even get all the way started and then freeze. It became clear to me it was a failing hard drive. Fortunately, I use Time Machine to back up my data to my Drobo. […]

Gym Electricity Generated by Excercisers

I always thought of course electricity in gyms were generated by all the treadmills and exercise bikes and stuff, but apparently, the gym just down the street from me is the first one in the U.S. to do so.

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