Book Suggestions for Learning PHP I Got on Twitter

I asked on Twitter if anyone had any books on learning PHP that they thought were good. There were many responses, so I’m “rounding them up” here with the suggester and their book.

Suggested by:
Raphael Caixeta
Jimmy Gleason
Suggested by:
Maggie Hussein Riley
Will Wilkins
Phillip Lovelace
Suggested by:
Matt Kern
Andrew Nash
Suggested by:
Andy Matthews
Suggested by:
Benjamin Uzelac
Roy Solhaugen
Suggested by:
Doug G
Suggested by:
Matt Ortiz
Suggested by:
Vadim Zhernovoi
Alvaro Sanchez
Suggested by:
Rob Maurizi

Jason Huck suggested a FREE book on PHP.

7 responses to “Book Suggestions for Learning PHP I Got on Twitter”

  1. David Walsh says:

    None of these. Give me your address. This book is the best I’ve found:

    It’s not a bunch of bullshit — it’s problem => solution code. Nothing beats real-life situations.

  2. Dan B. Lee says:

    PHP and MYSQL Web Development is in my laptop bag right now. I’m having a hard time getting past the functions chapters, right around 1/5 of the way through. Partly because I know most of it and its starting to drag on a bit. I’m probably just going to skip ahead. The big is well written though (I know I just called it out for dragging on) and it really has refreshed some of the things I needed to be reminded of. Its not just a big function library. Its good stuff. I haven’t tried reading any of the other ones.

    Don’t forget to read the comments that people have made at amazon. That helps.

  3. Tim Wright says:

    This is a great web site I use for PHP stuff: … also the PHP Manual:

  4. PHP Solutions was good. It shows you common things you can do with PHP, instead of taking you into the internals of the language. I think that is usually the better route when teaching newbies.

  5. Lukasz says:

    Many thanks for these books. But my question is: is it possible to find PHP movie tutorials? I was really impressed about you tutorials from css-tricks webpage and I would like to find sth similar, but about PHP.


  6. Camero says:

    Head First PHP and MySQL is a great book in the Head First series. It may not be interesting to people with lots of programming background though.

  7. Tommy Day says:

    Perfect timing.

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