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Badgers Lose to Ohio State: Band Director’s Fault

Last weekend the Wisconsin Badgers lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes in a heartbreaking loss at home ending our 19-0 winning stretch at home. For the first time in 40 years, the Wisconsin Marching Band was not present at this game due to them getting suspended for “hazing”.

Apparently the hazing involved alcohol and sexual behavior.

  1. Everything in college involves alcohol and sexual behavior.
  2. These are frigging band kids. They probably make some freshman drink skunky beer and dance around wearing a penis hat. It’s not like they are going around giving a buck fifty.

So here’s the rub. Make the kids wear itchy underwear for the game. Make them sit in the corner. Wrap their hands with a ruler. Don’t suspend them from playing! My god. People pay HUGE money to go to these games. They didn’t do anything wrong, why punish the audience. It totally changed the atmosphere of the game, which I’m sure affected the players negatively. Since the game was so close and ultimately a loss, I blame the band director personally for a dumb call.